Friday, March 22, 2013

Laura Di Francesco: Pesce Rosso

'Mamma Owl'
'Hedgehog and Fairy'
'Goodnight My Deer'
'A Little Boar'
'The Girl and The Wolf'

Laura Di Francesco is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Rome, Italy who is currently living in Sweden. She has illustrated many children's books, kids decorations and greeting cards for brands in USA, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden.

The above shown woodland illustrations stole my heart instantly. It's cuteness overload in each illustration. She generally uses pencil in her work and then adds color digitally using Photoshop. These prints are from a series made especially for kids' room but I think they'll fit perfectly in any room of the house.

Visit her shop Pesce Rosso to view more of her dreamy work or follow her on Facebook for updates on her new work.


noodle and lou said...

so much sweetness! i agree... perfect for ANY room in the house. darling! xo...jenn