Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saffron Johns: Crochet and Wire Jewelry

owl necklace

bird brooch and nest necklace

duck and duckling brooches

Saffron Johns is an artist based out of Bulgaria who creates these incredible one of a kind jewelry pieces by crocheting and carefully sewing details with colored copper wire. She has an online shop called 'Other Worlds' which is fitting for her work which is delicate, amazingly intricate and has fairytale quality.

"I call my body of work Other Worlds, detailed creatures, moments in time and treasures from the worlds of imagination and dreams. I guess I have a map of Other Worlds in my mind where there really is a whole world of places and creatures to explore and my work is really about bringing these things into this world we live in!"

Make sure you visit her shop for unique jewelry and  miniature sculptures. There are over a dozen of her items that are on 20% to 40% off sale.