Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY: Painted Owl Magnets

Make your own painted owl magnets with this amazing tutorial by Emily. She has painted some really cute owls on the stones, don't you love that owl in glasses!

You'll need:
-White paint
-Fine-line black pen
-Self-adhesive magnet tape

For step by step instructions go here.


Unknown said...

Love these! Absolute cuteness!

Laura said...

I'm so gonna try this ! SO CUTE :D

Shayla said...

These are beautiful! Is there a way for me to see the instructions since I do not have permission to view the blog?

Baker Hill Homes said...

I'd love to see the detailed instructions but there's no way to view them on the blog as permission is required... help!

Motley said...

I too would love to see the tutorial, but alas, am not invited to view the blog :(