Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ellen Giggenbach: Owl and Pussycat

I find Ellen Giggenbach's work exquisite and have blogged about her work previously

I adore her newly designed Owl & the Pussycat craft kit that's easy to cut and assemble. The kit comes with a set of instructions, laser printed cards of Mr. Owl playing his guitar, Miss Pussy Cat holding a jar of delicious honey and a jolly little sail boat with a flag, and the rhyme on the back. The finished couple will look great on a book shelf or in a kid's room! For a limited time you will get a set of 8 stickers as a gift. Available for purchase in her online store.


Unknown said...

I too love Ellen Giggenbach's work and have also blogged about her a couple times. I didn't know she has an owl and pussy cat set! That's awesome!