Monday, April 23, 2012

Snowy Owl Birthday

This incredible birthday party was created by Rachel Skvaril for her son’s 1st birthday is filled with tons of wonderful ideas. It was winter themed party but there so many cute details that can be definitely be incorporated in parties themed on woodland, owl and rustic.

The cake is simply amazing! Notice the snow covered branches and the wrapping around the side of the cake. I love the detail in the tiny fondant owls!

Rachel shared her inspiration for this party:
“We currently live in Kodiak, Alaska so I wanted to embrace the wintry home that we have come to love during our time here. Our little guy, Levi, used to chant, “whoo, whoo” when he was just a few months old so I knew we were going to go incorporate an owl theme. I decided to combine both the snow and the owl into the snowy owl theme.”

Of course, no kid's party is complete without a pinata. The cool owl pinata is made to look alike to the owl on the invitations. So cute!

You can customize your favorites for your upcoming party or bookmark it of later.