Monday, March 26, 2012

Children Inspire Design


children-inspire-design2 children-inspire-design3

Children Inspire Design is a company based in Phoenix founded in 2006 by a mother and social entrepreneur Rebecca Peragine. The primary motto of the business is to teach respect for the environment at a young age,  so it becomes second nature in our children to carry that responsibility into the future. 

The shown nature themed collages of recycled materials, created in her small studio, are reproduced as art and learning tools for contemporary kids. The owl, hedgehog, deer and raccoon designs are perfect to decorate both boys and girls room. Can be bought as a set or individually from their online store.


KandyOh said...

I've now bumped into this designer twice in the past week. Very cute stuff! Bookmarked for when we redo the kids' rooms.

Anonymous said...

is it wrong i want some for my room and im 27!!?