Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Owl Who Hated The Dark

I'm pretty much a sucker for anything vintage, owls and lovely illustrations. So I was excited when I discovered this blog post on these delightful illustrations from the book called - The Owl Who Hated the Dark - written & illustrated by Earle Goodenow (1969). Available here.

Nothing is cuter than an owl in sunglasses.

You can view more wonderful picture books, I blogged in the past here.


o.philia said...

very funny... owl with sunglasses :D and i love cats too, so it's absolutely up my alley

Kiss Nemeskéri Zs. said...

Leider, weiß ich nicht englisch, aber ich screibe probieren englisch :-) I like illustration, I am an illustrator and gratulations the drawings! ♡

Kerry O'Gorman said...

This is the sweetest little story! Reminds me of books I used to get from the library as a kid.

Anonymous said...

owls and cats, the best!