Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jes MaHarry Jewelry

Jes MaHarry is the designer and the founder of Jes MaHarry Jewelry. Her stones are hand selected to ensure high quality and sourced from companies that use reclaimed and recycled metal. Her unique jewelry was featured in Robert Redford's esteemed Sundance Catalog since 2000. Jes, an animal lover, recently worked in collaboration with NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) to create the new exclusive collection. For every purchase made from the collection a part of the proceeds will go to NRDC's campaign effort to "preserve the health and well being of the planet, our four legged, finned and winged friends...". I picked out few of the pieces from her website to share here. 

who who owl earrings, now necklace, wise owl, big blue ring, defend nature key ring

To learn more about Jes and her company, you can read her latest interview here.