Monday, March 14, 2011

Franco Anselmi

Franco Anselmi was born in Treviso, Northern Italy in 1950. He always had interest in art but his father never wanted him to be an artist, so got degree in Foreign languages and Sociology. Soon, he started teaching while perusing his passion in art and in 1994 became a full time artist.

His "favored subjects include Byzantine style Madonnas, glamorous women, often in trios or pairs, and the uniquely humorous Anselmi cats and owls...The nocturnal owl, wisest of birds, is the only creature portrayed with two eyes, indicative of a balanced view of the world." (from International Art Centre)

His amazing artwork has been regularly exhibited in Europe and if you want to receive updates on his forthcoming shows follow him on Twitter.


tinajo said...

This is gorgeous - I´d love them all in my home! :-)