Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Owl and Squirrel Chocolate

On my recent visit to Emily's blog, I discovered this owl and squirrel chocolate that she posted way back in 2008. She received these adorable chocolates from her friend. But, I didn't find any information on where I could buy these guys. So, I started searching and found another blog that has posted about owl and other animal shaped chocolates sold at a cafe -  La Charlotte de l'Isle in Paris. But again,I couldn't find anymore information other than that the cafe makes these chocolates using antique molds. My search continued and at last success! Safe Harbor Confections sells all kind animal chocolates including cat, mouse, squirrel, dog, horse, owl and more.

Chocolates by La Charlotte de 1'Isle
Phew! This is the end of my owl chocolate search. I hope you find the info useful for your next birthday party, Easter or just to satisfy your chocolate craving! 


owlyanna said...

Another company that sells owl chocolates is the chocolate vault. They were featured on the food network

My Owl Barn said...

@ owlyanna Thank you! I'll check them out. Have a good day!

pink lemon said...

oh yes I have been there remember seeing beautiful animals all in chocolate.. nearly ate half of them.. They had beatiful bunnies, tortoises, cats etc.. I might even be able to dig the picture