Thursday, December 1, 2011

Owl Sugar Cookies






These cute owl sugar cookies are made by Lorraine Elliott of Not Quite Nigella. They are so easy to make and require a only a few ingredients and couple of round cutters. Add some fun details like an apron, a high top hat or a pair of eye glasses to make an owl resemble your family member (an apron wearing owl cookies will make a perfect gift for your sister who loves to cook!). Wrap'em up in a box and surprise a loved ones with a homemade treat this holiday!

For the more details and instructions on the recipe go here.


Designwali said...

too cute to eat!

Chelsea Finn said...

Owls are my favorite! These are SO cute! When I babysit my cousin I will have to make these

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

ms.composure said...

aw those are super super cute!!

holidayrecipes said...

Perfect! I've been looking for holiday recipes all day trying to figure out what I want to make for Christmas dinner. My kids love when I make adorable little cookies with their favourite animals or characters on them. These cookies remind me of an owl children's story I read to them at bedtime called owl babies. They are still really small, but sometimes I let them help me in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing :)

Happy Holidays!

jennifer said...

wow, these are so adorable!