Monday, November 28, 2011

Carman's Deluxe Fruit Muesli




I am a sucker for good packaging, so much so that I sometimes end up buying a wine bottle or a Christmas candy for the lovely graphics or delightful illustrations on them. My such recent purchase was Carman's Deluxe Fruit Muesli with an owl image on the front of the box giving a sneak-peek of the content inside the box. The brand will win your heart at the first glance for it's cute squirrel, cow and owl illustrations but you won't be disappointed by the delicious crunchy muesli which I went through pretty fast! Have you ever bought a product because of it's lovely packaging? What was the product?

{images from Adesh, Kristy}


Chelsea Finn said...

I am also a sucker for good packaging! These look delicious!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

jen said...

i've had carman's granola bars - delicious but the packaging is not nearly as cute as the muesli!!

yes i have purchased foods based on packaging (but always subject to ingredients!). most recent item that comes to mind is not a food but a cleanser - "bon ami" powder. cheerful colors and a cute little baby chick! awww

My Owl Barn said...

@jen I had not heard about bon ami powder before so I did a quick search. I agree, the cute little chick makes purchasing the cleaning powder irresistible :)