Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Owl Love You Wedding

It's always great to see someone using owls as the primary theme of the wedding and when the wedding is this beautiful and inspirational, it needs to be featured. Wedding Chicks featured this fabulous Owl Love You wedding ideas on their blog put together by a team of talented people of Electric Blonde Entertainment and Events. 

There are so many wonderful details like owls, stunning feather cakes, cowboy boots, pumpkins mixed into a rustic setting inspired by "a color palette that married fall and winter colors, bridging the gap between the seasons."

Oh, this is my favorite - "For the guestbook, Beet&Path designed five different owls, which I then cut and pasted into a collage on a large canvas. The idea here was that guests would arrive, find a photo of themselves in a box, then cut and paste their face onto the owl of their choice – a fun alternative to the traditional guestbook." Isn't this brilliant!



The owl feather headpiece and the gorgeous owl ring is to die for! To view more pictures and for info. on all the participants, go here.


Jhu said...

Argh! Love... I wish I can have a wedding like this!

melandsyd said...

Shame on the bride in the pictures wearing fur, faux or not.

My Owl Barn said...

@melandsyd No to fur, of course. Love the owl and the fall owl pumpkin in the picture.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous setting. Definitely yes for the fur shawl! It's gorgeous. Her makeup was done perfectly! Great shoot.

Beth J. Beal said...

Very sweet! Thanks for a great post! The photography was beautiful!

unique barn weddings said...

I love this wedding..
Congratulations to the both of you and best wishes:)