Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Christmas Giftwrap and Stationery Set

Once again, My Owl Barn has collaborated with Lynn of Jinjerup to create Owlways Christmas giftwrap & stationery set.  This set featuring red Christmas owls on snowy white background consists of wrapping paper, gift tags, note card and even an envelope. And the best part is, all of this is for free!

The set comes in two parts:
1) Owlways Christmas Giftwrap Set
- gift tags x 3 designs
- wrapping paper in letter size x 1 design

Available for download here.

2) Owlways Christmas Stationery Set
- note card x 2 designs
- envelope x 1 design

Available for download here via Jinjerup blog.

PDF file Info:
1) The PDF Files are formatted to letter sized: 11"x 8.5".
2) Open & print PDF files in FREE Adobe Reader software. 
3) Your screen & printer’s printout colors may look slightly different from PDF files.
4) Some photos of the Owlways Christmas set show the gift tag and notecard having slightly scalloped/patterned edges, this patterned/scalloped effect is made by using a craft scissors after cutting out the gifttags or notecard from the printed PDF file. The actual cutting lines/outlines of the gifttag and note card are straight lines.

Update: The link to the Owlways Christmas Giftwrap set has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

All stunning, thank you so much!

Patti said...

Those are wonderful, thank you! Is there a way to get them without signing up for a yousendit account?

Luzmaría Alam said...

OMG thank you :D so cute!! love the pattern.
I will share this on my blog.

Unknown said...

So cute! Thanks!

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

What a lovely set! I cannot wait to use this! I was able to download the stationary from Jinjerup but for the giftwrap set it says the download had expired? Thank you for this fabulous freebie!

Anonymous said...

the christmas giftwrap set link isn't working...! :(

Lone's Andet Univers said...

Hello at My Owl Barn
Sorry to inform you that this link dont work but the other one does good..Hugs from Denmark
And Lone

The set comes in two parts:
1) Owlways Christmas Giftwrap Set
- gift tags x 3 designs
- wrapping paper in letter size x 1 design

Manders said...

It says the file has expired and cannot be downloaded? Any idea what is going on?

Amy Eaton said...

Hey, not sure if I'm out of luck but am I still able to get the giftwrap set?

leisa said...

Hi. The top link to the gift wrap comes up as "expired". Are you able to fix please? These are just gorgeous. I love Jinjerups stuff. And I love your blog too by the way!

lullaby jones said...

Oh, no! When I tried to download the Giftwrap set, it said the file had expired and cannot be downloaded. I have a huge sad, but will check back in case the internet fairies magic it. <3

festivalfun said...

6 Dec 2011: The download link to the giftwrap says "Sorry, this file has expired and cannot be downloaded." :(

Geórgia Cavalcante Carvalho said...

everything is sooo cute.
it's sad that Owlways Christmas Giftwrap Set it's offline. =/

My Owl Barn said...

The link to the Owlways Christmas Giftwrap set has been fixed. I am sorry that many of your were not able to download the file earlier.

I hope that you'll get your freebie now!

Two Little Aussie Birds said...

thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I can't download the first set, but I have the second one and it's VERY BEAUTIFUL!!
Thank you so much! Enjoy the Season!

Rossella from Italy

zakkalife said...

So cute! Just shared about these on my site and linked to both your site and Jinjerup.

Anonymous said...


Vicki Johnson said...

so cute! love that you did it in red and i can't wait to wrap a present for my owl loving daughter in this!! thank you and ♥

lasche said...

thank you :) I add links on my blog

mijbil said...

Many thanks.. just shared on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Just discovered this today: it's absolutely gorgeous!! I'm keeping it for next Christmas :-)) Thanks so much!
Mimi (from Switzerland)

Anja said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!!
This is soooo cute!!