Monday, January 18, 2010

Bee Thing + 4th Dimension

Welcome to a new week of My Owl Barn for lots of fun finds! Thanks for your comments on Friday's post. I loved the movie! I watched Avatar in 3D, which was great. It's a new technology in India and the movies in 3D are shown only in a handful of movie theaters. I am so glad I got the tickets, yay! I would love to watch it again, but this time in 4th Dimension. I had no idea what 4D was until last week when me and friends got into a discussion of understanding the differentiation between 3D, IMAX 3D and 4D. You must read about this new fascinating 4D technology on Wikipedia, you'll be blown away. I am sorry if I am boring you with all this technical talk but I had to share with you this new revolutionary experience in the world of entertainment. If you have watched anything in 4D do share your experience with all of us here. I have heard there are theaters in Singapore which are currently running few movies in 4D. Is that right?

Back to the post, these brown bags are screen printed with fun, colorful illustrations and are available in limited edition by Bee Things. You would never want to go back to plain, brown, boring lunch bag!


Brandi said...

Those bags and your blog are so cute!