Friday, August 27, 2010

Poketo For Target

Poketo recently collaborated with Target for an exclusive back-to-school collection of totes, wallets, pouches and key chains. "The art we used is from 21 of our artists that we’ve been working with over the past seven years. It’s getting their work out to a bigger audience. It’s colorful and strong, there’s a lot of spirit. We made a conscious decision to not have one pattern on a million things. We used one piece of art for one product." The entire collection can be viewed here.

{1. laptop bag, 2. key chain, 3. wallet, 4. pouch and 5. camera bag}

Thanks, Kayleen.


carlotta cisternas said...

These things are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Michelle said...


Ashlae said...

I love Poketo! And the fact that you have a blog centered around owls. I also giggled when I read your about me: "I am a coffee addict, anything less than two cups in the morning is not going to work for me." -- I feel the same way.

My Owl Barn said...

@ Ashlae Thanks for your sweet comment :)