Thursday, August 26, 2010

Iron Owl Lantern

I came across this super cool website and I couldn't stop browsing their collection of vintage wares with classic industrial feel. Modern50 has some unique, timeless and amazing products to offer at very reasonable prices. There are many things I have my heart set on but this cast iron lantern is to die for!


Gina said...

this is pretty awesome, i can not fathom how you can possibly come across so much "owl stuff"!
but i'm glad you do b/c it's all aborable ;)


Candles by Nature said...

What a neat lantern, I love it!!

Luzmaría Alam said...

cool!!! ^^

Anthea said...

It is indeed to die for!

Embracing Style

Jennifer said...

We had this growing up! It sat on the hearth, by the chimney. I wonder if my parents still have it somewhere??

Cool website!

Adrian Hurd said...

I just bought one exactly like
this that has "NEVER BEEN USED"! I
believe that they are from the mid
20th century.

Take Care and Happy Collecting,

mpb805 said...

I just came across this exact same owl. I am selling it so if you would like pics and are interested in buying it then email at