Friday, April 16, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hi everyone, I can't believe it's time to leave. Packing was hell, I sympathize with everybody who has to go through this ordeal. Now, my husband and I are ready for a break and have decided to take a vacation on our way back to the States. We'll be traveling to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. I wanted to share this news with you all, and if you know of any cool cafes, shops, restaurants or anything else, I'd love to you.

Before the fun starts, there is a airplane trip. I dread plane journeys. Not because of the height, but because of the uncomfort and long durations spent at one place. I most definitely be carrying a few of things which will keep me comfortable and entertained. on my must-haves list these three things take come at the top - comfy shoes (flips-flops are easy at the security checks), a duffel bag (it holds a ton) and a good book. What are your must haves when you are traveling?

Have a great weekend! I'll see you on Monday and keep you posted on my trip for sure.


Tricia said...

I'm an owl lover too and just found your fabulous blog! Have a great trip and a must have on any journey for me is water. Right when I get thru security I stock up at the nearest book store or food vendor in the airport.

Bon voyage!

avant garde design said...

hey! haven't come over to your blog to say hello in a while, been crazy busy with school. so fun you are traveling! sounds terribly exciting actually. long plane rides do become old very quickly and i've only been over seas once (so far) but i remember thinking i'll do it differently next time! it's all about comfort, you're right! enjoy and safe trip :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

u always have the BEST owl finds!! to be honest, i was never really a fan of owls until i found your blog!! now i really want that travel bag too, it's adorable!!! have a great weekend!

Catherine Peart said...

Love your selection. I lived in Kuala Lumpur for a little while. If you are heading there, I would recommend seeing the elephant sanctuary located outside KL and, in KL, but out at an area called Sri Hartamas, is a little eating market type place called Hartamas Square. Seriously good satay sticks (with their homemade peanut sauce) and thai pineapple fried rice. Ridiculously cheap too. Mmmm, we still miss it! There is another cool restaurant we went to that would be a good stop (it has a beautiful walkway all lit up with little lights). I can't remember the name now. I will email a friend and let you know. Have fun!!!

ilovemyhouse said...

I have to have music! I'm not a happy flyer so this distracts me when taking off. Have a safe trip.xx

kimberj said...

I'm a bit of a 54 year old travel geek. I need my ipod, laptop (with kindle acct books onboard), a pashmina (in case its chilly), and snacks (fruit, crackers, etc. all organic. That and a pair of comfy slip on shoes and ship me anywhere :) I've enjoyed your travels, thanks!

Unknown said...


I'm from Singapore and I loveee your blog. You should go to Timbre at the Substation. It's a nice bar with great pizza and good beer. :D

And Arab Street and The Army Market have many many many things you can find.

Thailand has probably better beaches than in Singapore, but head to Sentosa if you really itch for the beach.

Have fun!