Friday, April 16, 2010

{Featured Artist: Becky Peabody}

Dots and Spots is a design studio of Becky Peabody based out of Somerset. Becky creates vibrant, fresh and contemporary pieces of collage art work using torn and ripped paper. These collages are then professionally printed and converted into variety of paper goods including cards, gift tags, prints and place settings. Her recent addition to the store are the above shown owl posters. There are three designs to choose from - One, two twit twoo, The 'Owl'phabet and The Owl Family Tree. These are adorable, perfect for a nursery!

While reading her blog, I got a chance to get a peek inside her studio. She is not only creativity but very organized. Those huge drawers seem like a great way to store paper, and those patterned and dotted boxes look very chic. I also like that her desk is facing a window, my desk is in front of a huge window which keeps me connected with the outside world even when I am working. All in all, her studio looks like a place where I could spend my entire day crafting fun things. What's your ideal work space? A space without a window to keep distractions at bay or a space with inspirational view outside a window?


hatjunkie said...

you know, I never gave too much thoughts to owls, but you are slowly sucking me in to the mania. Everything is just sooo cut.

Fotf said...

Gosh all those things look wonderful. My craft space now faces a big window which is great for light.The view not so great as our gardens have garages behind them but beyond them allotments and a new housing estate but i am improving my craft space bit by bit, have big plans for it. Once decorated i have several peices of art to hang and enjoy. Have a great weekend :)

dots and spots said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous write up - most generous of you - much appreciated!
Kind Regards,

The Bunny Maker said...

Lovely things :D and a beautiful workspace too.