Monday, December 14, 2009

Cori Dantini

Cori Dantini is an illustrator and a full time mother. She uses paper from vintage books from 1922 and before, and walnut ink to make her illustrations on. Her limited edition prints can measure anything from 4"x7 1/2" to 5"x7". Each of it is signed with signature, number, and title on the back. I might buy a print or two (or more) because these are on 1/2 off sale in her shop. You can too, here.


Unknown said...

Cori is AMAZING.....she designed my Pig for my website and i am soooo impressed by her work. I was so pleased when i jumped on your blog and saw her outstanding work. The Pink Pig is a huge fan!!

Owl Eng said...

The artist / designer is really talented! i have fallen in love at first sight with her great artwork!!

blue moss said...

these are so her work...will go check it out.
thanks so much for the comment. i'm so glad to find your fun blog :)