Friday, October 30, 2009

Rock Scissor Paper's Owl Shoppe


So, I go to this website - Rock, Scissor, Paper and find myself being stared by this owl. I find out that not only the owls have been given their own store, but the whole October month is an Owl special month at Rock, Scissor, Paper! They say:

"Owls! Owls! Owls! I guess you can tell we like them? We're happy that owls have made a comeback in popularity, because we've always loved them (and always will). "

Darn! and I find it at the last day of October :( But no worries, it's only the special which has come to an end, not the goodies. The owl cup, calendar, doll, notebook, mosaic owl card and all other happy things are available at their Owl Shoppe. Who Gives A Hoot About The Recession card from their "Retro Recession Cards" is a cute reminder to make sure that we have got our humour intact in these rough economic times.


Anonymous said...

Ohh! I need that mug!!

I recently found your blog and <3 it and all things owl too :)

Rambles said...

haha the card is too cute. thanks for this post! i'll have to check it out!