Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'Menagerie' Postcard Book

Menagerie is a limited edition collection (800 copies) of 22 gorgeous postcards by 11 artists which includes - Gemma Correll, Anke Weckmann, Sarah Ray, Mary Kilvert, Yee Tin Kuit, Currentstate, Michelle Turton, Karoline Rerrie, Amy Timms, Ruth Green and Kate Hindley.

The cover features the classic characters The owl and the pussycat. The owl with the cute nose and stylish boots, and the pussycat in the dress look adorable.
{CORRECTION: The cover does not have The owl and the pussycat. It features a rabbit and an owl. Thanks, Anke Weckmann (designer of the cover) }

The 2nd, 3rd and the 4th pictures show some of the beautiful postcards the book consists of. Notice the first postcard has an owl with a cake on his head.

Available here and here.


Anke Weckmann said...

thank you for writing about the postcard book! It is a rabbit on the cover through, not a pussycat :)
The other one is an owl, but they are unrelated to the story. x