FAQ for Merchants

In "Owlsome Deal" section I'll post about one product at a time that is available on a special discount to My Owl Barn readers only for a specific time in a limited quantity. The product can be purchased at the discounted price only while the stocks last and while the deal is on. It's gone forever. 

If you are interested in participating in the section by offering an "Owlsome Deal", please continue to read. 

How does it work?
This section has listings of special deals for MOB readers that merchants offer. Only one deal is active at a time and has a BUY NOW button provided by us which links to your PayPal account so the buyers can pay you directly. We will work with you to set up shipping and tax rules. 

Can I see a sample post?
Sure. Click here to see how it works. 

How can I submit a product for "Owlsome Deal"?
Send me the following details with "Owlsome Deal" in the subject line.
01. Description
02. Current price
03. "Owlsome Deal" price you are offering to My Owl Barn readers.
04. Inventory
05. Referral Fee offered
06. Number of days (Min. 1 and Max 7)
07. Paypal email address where you want to accept the payments.
08. Link to your store or website.
09. Link/Details of your shipping and return policy
10. Sales Tax rules
11. What all countries can you ship to, and shipping charges.
12. E-mail for pre-purchase enquiries and buyers' questions

How much does this cost me?
It costs you nothing to list an item. I only make money when you do. You only have to pay me your current referral fee (at least 10%) for all the sales. Not only there is no fee for the listing, but you also get promotion on My Owl Barn blog as the listing with your item gets archived forever.

How do you accept payments?
At the end of the deal, I'll invoice you. Currently, I only accept PayPal.

Can I send more than one item for "Owlsome Deal"?
No, there can only be one item in a deal, and only one deal at a time. Although, an item can have multiple variations, like a t-shirt in different sizes and colors. You get the idea.