Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Ceramics Inspired by Paper Mache and Tribal Patterns

Sarah Farrelly is a painter and a ceramic artist based in Cork, Ireland. After graduating from the National College of Art and Design, she worked as a designer and illustrator for several years. While working she pursued her passion for ceramics and painting, working mainly in acrylic and oil.

She makes one-of-a-kind sculptures inspired by native animals. Each piece is completely hand built, bisqued and painted with velvet underglaze which gives sculpture a smooth surface. Her animal sculptures are painted in patterns inspired by tribal designs, mostly painted in monochrome. All though her sculptures are made with clay, there is a very light feel about them. They almost look like something made out of paper mache.

In 2014, Sarah won the Etain Hickey Award in Irish Ceramic Awards. Her work was featured in the book - Irish Ceramics by John Goode.



Barbara said...

original et très réussi j'aime beaucoup merci