Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Japanese Artist Creates Amazing Sushi Roll Art with Rice And Seaweed

Takayo Kiyota was born and raised in Shinjuku, Tokyo. She was an illustrator for over 20 years before she started to make sushi roll art and named herself "Tama-chan".

She has created over 300 designs with rice, seaweed and a variety of other ingredients. Her work features recreation of iconic characters, and famous paintings that are colored with pickles, cucumber, spices and herbs just like how paints and ink is used to paint with. She finds sushi as a medium of expression to create something new that's not only a treat to the eyes but you can eat them too! It's unbelievable to watch how imagery that's invisible gets revealed on cutting each slice.

She has won the second prize on “the longest scream in the world” sponsored by Innovation Norway in 2013. In 2014, Little More Co. published Smiling Sushi Roll, the first anthology of the sushi roll art. Her sushi roll art gained a spotlight in the popular German TV program "Galileo". She conducts workshops to promote the importance of food culture while enjoying the craft through the use of the sushi roll.

You can find more creations by her on Instagram - Smiling Sushi Roll.