Monday, August 30, 2021

Highly Detailed Artwork Of Animals Dressed As Human Beings

I am enamored by these paintings by an Australian artist who goes by the name Time Found Tails. The artist features animals as human beings hilariously dressed in jackets, suits, top hats, kimonos and costumes. The watercolor series of animals are painted with intricate details - the fur, feathers and scales are painted with precise tiny strokes of paint brush. Each animal has charming character and unique personality, they almost look like people you would meet in a cafe or pass them in a street.

All of these characters have a story, for example "The Court Jester" the owl - "He despised their laughter. Especially as it was directed at him. The humiliation of this position, so far beneath his own, was infuriating. Yes, he may have attempted to eat the Prince's guest last night after too many glasses of port, but this as a punishment? What type of owl keeps a mouse for company, anyway? Why was this rodent so important? He relished the thought of returning to his commanding post. Maybe he would lead a scouting party along the southern roads tomorrow at dusk when said mouse was due to return to his forested kingdom. Yes. He would do just that."

You can find the signed art prints in artist's online store - Time Found Tails.


Barbara said...

pas mal :) bonne semaine

Rebecca said...

I find the Edwardian gentleman cat knocking things off the table hilarious!

My Owl Barn said...

@Rebecca He is kind of funny ;)