Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Adorable Ceramic Planters and More by Daria Kruglova

I featured Daria Kruglova and her work on the blog a while ago. Recently, I stumbled across new work by the artist which made me go "awww", I had to instantly share it with you here.

Russian ceramic artist sculpts adorable planters, pots, containers, trinket dishes and tableware. Her pieces are shaped to look like an owl, frog, humming bird, bear, and rabbit. The ceramic collection is completely made by artist herself and is limited edition. Daria loves to customize, if you like a piece that'll make a perfect planter for you then let her know or if you want your pet's name on a canister she'll be happy to help you with that too.

A few of the shown ceramics are on 10% discount currently. If you like something then you should get it now from her online store - SavaKeramika.