Monday, June 28, 2021

Kind Nature Jewels by Anne Lia

Anne Lia is a jewelry maker and designer from Lisbon, Portugal. Anne is a self-taught designer and sculptor who makes jewelry pieces inspired by the act of kindness. "Making jewelry was born from wanting to bring a little kindness and protection into my own life and as soon I finished my first piece I was hooked!"

The necklaces and rings are inspired by mythology around the world, tales from the past, fantasy and artist's personal creative imagination. Every piece is entirely handmade using different methods such as carving into metal, stamping, casting or soldering sterling silver.

Each piece comes with a little story that influenced the artist to create a unique jewelry item, she aims to create something that's not "empty" pretty only. You can find her one of a kind necklaces and rings in her online store - Kind Nature Jewel.