Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Hyper-Realistic Wildlife Drawn on Wood Panels by Raffaella Picotti

Raffaella Picotti is freelancing artist born in Rome, Italy. She majored with advanced graduate diploma certificate in Graphic Designs at the Institute of Fine Arts in Rome. After school, she worked for various advertising and publishing agencies designing motorcycle parts for an owner’s manual of a big motorcycle company, drawings for anagrams and other technical illustrations using rapidographs, and illustrations for children's books.

Raffaella's work is inspired by nature, she draws hyper-realistic wildlife in colored pencils. Her subjects have captivating eyes that spark life into the piece and draws the viewer's attention to observe the tiny details. Besides drawing on conventional medium - paper, the artist has decided to take colored pencils to wood panel in addition to acrylics and gold leaf. "My works are an awakening of a dormant soul that is in-prisoned in the harshness of a monotoned mundane."

The accuracy of colors and precision of details in her drawings make her animals look almost real peeking from behind the vine of flowers or perched on a branch. You can follow her work on Facebook.


Barbara said...

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