Friday, April 23, 2021

Wedding Dresses, Vintage Chairs and Tapestries Hand-Embroidered in Otomi

When I lived in Arizona many years ago, Mexican culture had a great influence on my creativity specifically embroidery. When you live in a culturally rich neighborhood, like mine, it's almost impossible to miss traditional art forms. They are everywhere and on everything! One such traditional embroidery was Otomi which is a beautiful Mexican folk art.

Recently I came across this etsy store - ArteOtomi which is founded by Martha Aguilar. Tijuana based brand specializes in textile goods and clothing embroidered by her talented team of embroiders. The brand makes a wide range of hand-embroidered products such as cushions, bed covers, wedding dresses, blouses, tapestries, and even vintage chairs. Their store has been a favorite Otomi shop for four years on Etsy.

Their products have been published in several magazines like Architectural Digest and HGTV Magazine and featured on many Instagram accounts such as @Sabrina_Soto @Disfunkshionmag and @GabbyZapata. For one-of-a-kind products you can visit her online store.


Barbara said...

j'aime beaucoup c'est coloré joyeux
ps pour info le premier lien en fonctionne pas chez moi (le second oui )