Tuesday, February 9, 2021

These Paper Mache Sculptures Are Sure To Bring Smile On Your Face

Sara Hand is an illustrator and a paper mache artist based in Richmond, Virginia. From a very early age she got interested in creating art, she would make tiny quilts for her dolls, do puppet shows and hand make sketchbooks. While growing up she got a chance to travel to many different parts with her parents. Her time spent in Germany had a great impact on her art which is whimsical and influenced by folk style.

She creates adorable characters that will instantly put you in a cheerful mood. I had a big smile on when I was browsing her work on Instagram. She tears paper by hand and sculpts it into lovely little sculptures. Once the sculpture is dry the artist hand paints them with patterns and designs. Her inspiration for making papier mache sculptures come from her love of color, wonder, magic and curiosity for the world around her. Besides creating art, she teaches paper mache at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Studio 23. She is currently represented by Little Blue Mushroom.

She creates unique paper craft projects which will help you get started on you paper art journey. You can receive these projects in mail by subscribing here.


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Thank you for this share ! The owl is the cuttest of course *o*