Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mother-Daughter Team Creates Lovely Surface Patterns Using Watercolors

Afton Harding is an artist and a surface pattern designer from Bay Area. Afton studied Art History in college before dedicating herself to working as a full-time artist. In 2016, she founded Clara Jean Designs with her mother Shauna Little painting, creating textiles, designing fabric and home accessories.

Afton likes to use variety of mediums but primarily works with watercolor and oil paints. The duo has worked on impressive projects creating fresh and vibrant surface designs by making all their prints completely original. It is their traditional way which makes them stand apart from the digitally produced designs. Clara Jean Designs' artwork is inspired by the joy and beauty surrounding them.

The shown artwork is from the latest winter themed series featuring owls, reindeer, berries, snowflakes, acorns and toadstool. You can find more of their creations on Instagram. They are happy to hear from you for licensing and any collaborations.