Monday, January 6, 2020

Enchanting Illustrations of Female Characters With Woodland Creatures

Hi friends, welcome to 2020! I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your family. Let me start off this year with these beautiful illustrations by Anna Speshilova. Anna Speshilova is an artist and an illustrator from Russia. She creates enchanting watercolor illustrations depicting women with their companion animals. The artist illustrates the female characters who live in harmony with the forest animals, roaming about the woods in snowy nights and cold days. The illustrations look straight from children's story books featuring a girl gazing at the stars or reading while the owls, polar bears, foxes, and rabbits keep her company. "The most important part of creativity for her is the magic that it brings. So she tries to fill her paintings with magic, so they could pass it on to you."

Anna has a distinct style of illustration that gives her work a delicate feel. Her work is rich in colors  that's done in light washes of watercolors and fine line work. She has participated in both solo as well as in groups exhibitions all around Moscow. You can find her prints on Society6 and see more of her illustrations on Instagram.


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Wow! I LOVE these illustrations!

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Wow! These touched my heart! I LOVE them so much!