Friday, December 18, 2020

Kimonos, Notebooks and Home Textile by Olga Ezova-Denisova

Olga Ezova-Denisova is an artist who specializes in printing techniques such as linocut, stencil, and monotype. She mainly works in textile collage, creates wonderful prints on paper and fabric. She begun her journey in the art world in 2012 after she studied illustration in the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow. 

Olga is primarily a self-taught artist whose hand-made techniques are created with basic materials and tools like etching paints, watercolors, gouache, colored pencils, chisels, linoleum, papers, fabrics, and threads. She has been working on kimonos, notebooks and other home accessories featuring illustrations inspired by natural elements. Her work has motifs such as owl, birds, fox, bear, pinecone, mushrooms in forest inspired colors and patterns. Follow her on Instagram to see more of her creations and to contact her for any product related questions.