Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Ceramic Planters, Sculptures, Lights and Ornaments by Made With Mud

Margie Mikliechuk is the creator behind Made With Mud. She has always been passionate about creating, she started exploring the art of clay early on in her life. She worked as a flight attendant for a long time living around the world but soon discovered her true calling was clay. She makes adorable clay stuff and sells them all over the world including Nunavut, Suriname, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She makes the sweetest functional ceramics that'll make you go "awww". From dachshund planter, piggy pendant light, camel on wheels, to owl ornament, she has sculpted a unique collection of characters that are sure to cast a spell on you. Visit her online store to pick up an ornament or a gift for someone who loves handcrafted cute ceramics.