Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Adorable Dolls made with Recycled Materials by Amuru Toys


What's better than handmade toys as stocking stuffer this Christmas? Ann is the designer and creator behind all the adorable soft toys and dolls at Amuru Toys.

The toys are made using vegan and recycled materials before the details are hand embroidered onto them. The owl, bear, fox, rabbit, and elephant have delightful, distinct personalities. These little guys strutting in hats and scarves are sure to warm anyone's heart.

Ann's toys are extra special because she donates 20% of every sale to the organizations that help animals in need. You can even choose which one you would like to donate to by writing a note while making a purchase. If you want to get something to give as a gift on Christmas then please find the order cut-off date on her online store.