Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hand-Pulled Linocut Prints by Illustrator Meg Tannehill Justice

Meg Tannehill Justice is an illustrator and a print maker born in Georgia and now lives in the beautiful Tennessee Valley of North Alabama. She has created art ever since she was a little girl, from making clay animals to drawing horses for endless hours. She earned her graduate degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auburn University and completed major in illustration.

Her prints are all originals from beginning till the finished piece. Each intricate design is first hand-carved into a linoleum block and printed onto paper with the help of a gentle rubber roller. Each design is pulled by hand off the block individually and dried in the artist's studio.

Her illustrations are inspired by her love for mountains, rivers and countryside where she lives. She is an avid gardener and is the happiest when she has her hands dirty. Her work reflects her passion for nature, often depicting animals, plants, and landscapes that she sometimes take photographs for reference.

To learn more about her process and to take a closer look at her work, visit her on Instagram. Her one-of-a-kind linocut prints can be found in her online store