Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Life-Size Metal Sculptures Made Out Of Discarded Farm Equipment


John Lopez is a sculptor from South Dakota. He creates amazing sculptures out of old, rusty farm equipment. His artwork is inspired by the nature surrounding him in his prairie land. Through his work the artist is presenting how the lives were once lived, close to the land in barns and pastures the lifestyle that's slowly fading with time. His massive sculptures made with used, rusting parts from machinery ones used in the farms to cut and dig the soil, turned into a jaw of a bison, and feathers of a great horned owl.

"The rusted carcasses of discarded equipment stand testament to generations of labor. And the man who knows blood lines has picked through them, choosing the elements of the past—the actual implements that plowed the soil or cut the grain or dug the dinosaur—and created the curve of a jaw, the twitch of a tail, the power of a shoulder. "

You can view more his sculptures on his website and Instagram.