Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Hand-Carved Wooden Sculptures by a Puppeteer and a Sculptor Arseniy Lapin

Arseniy Lapin also known as ARSELAP is an artist and sculptor from Moscow, Russia. In 1994, he graduated from a higher school of art in film and animation, and later he worked for several years in a puppet theater as a puppeteer and an artist. Arsenyi specializes in creative puppets, especially colorful folk-art inspired wooden sculptures.

He carves imaginative characters out of wood and colors them in oil and acrylics. His pieces have gorgeous texture and lovely patina that gives timeless aged appearance. The colorful palette of bright colors and embellishments that consist of metal wings, and bells make her art stand out. 



You can find more of his work and learn about his art by following him on facebook. If you have any questions related to his work or would like to buy one of his pieces, please email him at