Friday, May 1, 2020

Rodrigo Luff Combines Realism and Imagination in Paintings

Rodrigo Luff is originally from San Salvador, El Salvador currently living in Sydney, Australia. He studied life drawing at the Julian Ashton Art School from 2006-2009. The artist creates amazing paintings where he combines realism and imagination, often depicting women with their companion animals. These luminous paintings have ethereal feel to them that takes the viewer on a journey to a world where women and animals co-exist in harmony. Besides painting on traditional surface, the artist paints these detailed paintings on moleskin paper to create a surprise factor "this is painted on a moleskin?".

His work is "inspired by science and nature and his connection to the natural world. All of Rods works welcome you to reflect on a mysterious dimension with its vivid colours and moving imagery."  via

Rodrigo did first two solo exhibitions Moleskine Project at Spoke Art Gallery which sold out. Ever since it has become an annual event that he co-curates with Spoke Art. The Moleskine artwork from the exhibitions have been compiled and published into two volumes of books. His paintings are in gallery exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin and New York. He has done solo shows in the United States and exhibited in group exhibitions.