Monday, March 9, 2020

Life Like Adorable Characters Hand Painted on Stones

I have blogged about painted stones in the past here and here. While browsing on Pinterest, I came across these delightful creatures painted by Varunya Khamhuatoei an artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. She turns the stones and rocks with animal paintings that would fit in your palm. The idea of what she is going to paint the stone as is often dictated by the shape of the stone. She imagines the character that'll be painted on the stone as soon as she has inspected the natural shape of the stone. From owls to dogs, from hippos to pigs, from mice to an entire turtle ninja family, each character is painted with utmost care that they look alive and real. Her pieces have so much character and are expressive.

To see more of her work you can visit her online store ArtofIsIdeaStone.


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Barbara said...

├ža met de bonne humeur ces bouilles merci bonne semaine !