Monday, March 16, 2020

Artist Captures Behavior and Movements of Wildlife in Wire Sculptures

Candice Bees is an award winning sculptor based in UK. She has worked with wire for last 7 years, specializing in life sized wire sculptures of wild and domestic animals. She works with stainless steel with both thicker gauge of wire, to represent movement which is suitable to depict animals with flowing coats, and finer wire which allows the artist to add details such as eyes to her creatures. Using a bundle of metal wire she is able to capture the behavior, and movements of her subjects in the natural world. Candice's animal menagerie includes life size owls, rats, hares, wolves and deer.

Candice has been participating and showing her work at several galleries including Art Gallery in Bath, UK, Curwen Gallery in London and at exhibitions like The Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition. At the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition, Candice won the Urban Wildlife category for Unnatural Selection for her life sized Fox wire sculpture. 


Barbara said...

j'adore merci merci et prends soin de toi !