Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Artist Draws Incredible Portraits With Tiny Strips of Colored Paper


Rebekah Jenkins is a UK based artist who creates stunning portraits using paper, scissors and adhesive. She doesn't sketch before she starts to create a piece, she simply arranges the tiny strips of paper onto a surface. She uses thousand pieces of colored paper strips and creates amazingly detailed animals that almost look real and expressive.

Before she began her career as a paper artist she worked with paint, embroidery and other forms of art but it was paper that resonated with her and gave medium through which she could express herself.

“When I discovered quilling, it seemed to to be a lovely way of creating hair, fur, and feathers so I began a series of British wildlife pictures with some success. The portraits and quilling seem to marry very naturally and the pet portraits began. I love the texture of the paper and how the image seems to change as the light shifts throughout the day.”


Barbara said...

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Barbara said...

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