Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Artist Uses Her Lips to Paint Famous Characters and Celebrity Portraits


Ryan Kelly Mua is a make-up artist based in Maryland who uses her lips as canvas to paint. She started paint lips in 2015, in five years her fan base grew exponentially, thanks to her success on social media website Instagram. On her account, she shares creations featuring food brands, familiar fictional characters, celebrity portraits and famous people, iconic scenes from television and movies.

When she started to paint on lips she used to do all the painting freehand which could take anywhere from six to seven hours to finish a piece. As her work evolved so did her technique, she now uses transfer paper for the days when she is running short on time. Once she has transferred the artwork on her lips from the transfer paper, she begins to color and add detail to it with makeup. Her work has mind-boggling detail and intricacy, her paintings look like a scaled down version of the original photo. 

Her work has been published in Time, Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazines, as well as websites like Buzzfeed and Daily Mail. She worked for a national Halloween campaign in partnership with brand Cover Girl. You can find pins, art prints, and stickers based on her paintings on her online store.