Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Artist Combines Her Love For Art and Wildlife In Her Paintings


Vanessa Foley is an artist based in Newcastle, England. She specializes in creating surreal oil paintings and detailed pencil sketches of birds. She combines her love for nature and art in her paintings, an on-going series inspired by British wildlife. Vanessa spends hours collecting reference and observing the birds in the wild, also carefully watching their moments on youtube.

"I am a great lover of wildlife, and although I have occasionally worked on other subjects I always return to the natural world and in particular, birds. I’m not sure what it is about birds that hold such a fascination for me, I think initially it was the fact that they were easily observable in the wild so I was able to draw from life. But the more I looked the more I absolutely fell in love with them..." - via.

In the beginning of her career she would exhibit in small solo shows, public libraries and waiting areas of local businesses and now has progressed to exhibiting in the Heaton Art Festival and galleries in UK and US. To see more work from her, you can follow her on Instagram.