Monday, August 26, 2019

Artist Uses Enamel Cups and Ceramic Mugs to Paint Animal Portraits and Beautiful Scenes


Polona of SheWolfka is a Slovenian artist who turns enamel coffee pots and ceramic mugs with her animal inspired paintings. She paints animal portraits to forest landscapes, to starry nights to snow covered meadows. The artist uses mugs as her canvas to paint highly detailed paintings, each one with a story to tell. Her pieces are filled with stunning scenes of a sleeping owl with moon in the backdrop, fox surrounded with fireflies, or a bunny rabbit in midst of blooms. "Each art piece has its own story to tell, each thing I create is something where I put my magic, my soul and heart to."

You can find her one-of-a-kind mugs, enamel cups, bowls, jars, bottles, coffee and tea pots in her online store - SheWolfka.