Monday, April 22, 2019

Socks from "The Sock City" in the World

How would you like to own a pair of socks made at " The Sock City" in the world! That's right! Nara socks are made in Nara city also known as "The Sock City" where the craftsmen have been perfecting the art of socks for over 100 years.

Nara socks are products of meticulous craftsmanship of the Japanese tradition that are stylish as well as comfortable on your feet. Each pair goes through a painstaking process that involves 15 steps of socks creation. At every step the artisan pays attention to every little detail, striving to get a perfect end result. 

Their "over the knee" sock collection features playful motifs like owl and the moon, cats, rabbits, foxes, peacocks and more. You can find other styles on their website. They ship worldwide!