Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Bird Paintings Inspired by Antique Natural History Illustrations


Alex Warnick is a natural history artist based in southern Indiana. The first time she got interested in birds is when she watched her brother draw a cardinal. She took this interest further in elementary school by drawing birds on poster boards, writing reports to accompany them, and creating meticulous mobiles to hang in her bedroom. 

After graduating from Brigham Young University, Idaho with a degree in integrated studio art she followed her heart by pursuing her career in natural history art inspired by antique natural history illustrations. She translates her love for birds into beautiful paintings, she desires others to see the same beauty in birds as her. She has painted many birds including barred owl, ashy faced owl, blue winged teal, stellar's jay, roseate spoonbill and more.

"I hope my artwork will introduce many others to the significance and beauty of birds so that birds can benefit the lives of people, and in turn, people can benefit the lives of birds."

To see more of her paintings go to Instagram.