Tuesday, November 5, 2019

One Hoop Embroidery A Day For 100 Days by Sophia Drescher

Sophia Drescher is only a 25 years old embroidery artist from Germany. While studying ecology and biodiversity, she got intrigued by embroidery and started to create designs inspired by nature.

"I think our blue planet is truly magical and I absolutely love learning about all organisms that we share it with - plants, animals and everything in between. The multitude of colors, sounds and shapes of nature is endlessly inspiring to me..."

The above shown season inspired hoop embroideries are from her ongoing series 100 days of nature embroidery. She stitches one design everyday for hundred days! Her pieces features owls, foxes, toadstools, snowflakes, and rain drops. You can join her on the journey by following her on Instagram.


Barely Sings said...

Beautiful Craftsmanship! Her work looks like paintings only using thread as her medium.

Barbara said...

super merci