Friday, November 15, 2019

Jan Huling Transforms Found Objects Into Masterpieces with Colorful Beads

Jan Huling is a self-proclaimed bead artist who makes amazing sculptures out of found objects that get covered them with colorful tiny little beads. Her work is inspired by indigenous cultures, mythologies, pop culture, colorful Indian patterns and Mexican art.

"Through surface design and elaborate patterns, she recontextualizes familiar objects, masking original forms to add whimsy and transform the mundane into something special." via

Initially she made small scale objects such as kazoos and now she has moved on to creating life size sculptures of animals, dolls, toys, and mannequins. She never makes any sketch or drawing before beginning to work, she just dives into the process. She calls it free range beading! She works with an air pen to place beads, gluing them down by the row along with buttons, coins, tokens, and similar found objects. She creates her signature artwork from her studio across from the Hudson River in New York.

Her work has been featured in 500 Beaded Jewelry as well as on HGTV. She won the first annual Lyons Wier Bazaar award in 2009. Her work is in several galleries including the Duane Reed Gallery in Missouri, Porter Contemporary in NYC and the J. Willott Gallery in Palm Desert, CA.